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Pearl River V05 Electric Piano Black

Pearl River V05 Electric Piano Black

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Pearl River Digital piano (made in the same factory as Yamaha Pianos) with full 88 key Hammer Action & Dynamic Curve keyboard. The piano offers a choice of 27 sounds and has Split and Record functions. The OLED display provides an overview when selecting sounds. Transpose, built-in metronome or built-in Chorus and Reverb digital effects are also included. USB Audio Out, USB MIDI, RCA outputs can be found among the connectors.

Are you outgrowing your student-level piano?

Are you looking to change to a premium-quality piano?

Are you ready to invest in the type of instrument that will benefit your playing technique over the long term?

If you are any of the above, then this is just the piano for you…

  • HEIGHT: 815 mm
  • WIDTH: 420 mm
  • LENGTH: 1370 mm
  • COLORS: Black(PVC)
  • KEYBOARD: Italian Technology 88 Grand-Response™ Key trends with hammer action and dynamic curve
  • SOUND SOURCE: Independent developed DSP chip, Germany Famous grand piano sound sample
  • POLYPHONY: 512
  • SOUND: 26 sounds, 1 series percussion music
  • DEMO: 75 demos
  • RECORD: Maximum notes for one single song is 22000
  • CONTROL: Double sound, Record, Split, Transpose, Reverb, Chorus, Metronome, MIDI, USB, Bluetooth
  • POWER: 25W*2, DC 12V
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