Rental and Finance

Piano Rental /Hire

Could renting be the answer?

Renting an instrument can provide a cost effective way of getting decent instruments to aspiring pianists. It is a great way of getting started and see if your child takes to their chosen instrument.

This will get your son or daughter started until they get advanced enough to have their very own piano – without the financial risk.

At All Instruments we offer quality pianos for rent. We operate a rent to buy scheme. Our main policy has always been to offer more piano for less money and this is an extension of this idea.

How it works

Take out a simple 6 month contract from £35 per calendar month and a one-off delivery of £130. The piano will be tuned and comes with an adjustable stool.

At the end of 6 months you’ll have 3 choices:

  1. Continue renting.
  2. Return the piano.
  3. Buy the piano. If you decide to buy the piano, every penny spent, rent and delivery comes off the ticket price and you simply pay the balance.

Note that if you wish to buy another piano from us, that rental money comes off the price of the new piano.

Instrument Rental /Hire
All Instruments are available for rental. However, please remember that pianos carry a delivery charge as well. To rent an instrument you put down a deposit of 20% of the instruments retail price and then pay a monthly charge. The monthly charge is based on the value of the instrument so please telephone us on 01373 859044 to get additional information

Play It Today 
Our `PIT` scheme allows you to pay 20% of the full selling price and take the instrument to use. The further payments ar then split into 8 equal monthly payments of 10% of the instruments full selling price. This means that no interest is paid! you are just splitting the payment of the instrument into 9 manageable payments! What could be easier? At last you can afford to purchase your dream instrument!

Trial Scheme
Our popular trial scheme offers you any instrument for 3 months trial for 20% of the instruments full selling price. By the end of the 3 months you can either return the instrument with no further payments or simply keep the instrument and pay the remaining balance (the 80%).

Please note;
All Instruments are available for our rental/PIT/Trial schemes. However, please remember that pianos carry a delivery charge. We will also require photographic identification (eg passport/driving licence is required at the time of signing and a full credit check will be carried out.

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