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Blackstar LT Dual Drive Guitar Effects Pedal

Blackstar LT Dual Drive Guitar Effects Pedal

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Introducing LT Pedals

Blackstar’s award-winning, valve-driven HT Pedals are a key part of the company’s success and grace the pedalboards of the professional and amateur players around the globe.

Now Blackstar introduces a series of 5 compact pedals, consisting of boost, overdrive and distortion tonally derived and inspired by our award-winning HT Pedals range. 

  • Patent-Applied-For clipping circuit that matches the tone and response of our valve pedals
  • 2 Gain and Level equipped channels
  • Shared Tone and patented ISF control

Patent-applied-for Clipping Circuit

The patent-applied-for clipping circuit delivers amazing valve-like tonal performance, valve-like responsiveness for a wide variety of playing styles.

ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)

This fully interactive control allows you to infinitely adjust the response of the tone control network between any of the traditional voicings. In addition, the LT DIST offers the lowest cost option ever for players who want to get their hands on Blackstar’s patented ISF control.

Buffered Bypass

Each compact pedal features high integrity buffered bypass and silent switching.

Battery or Mains Powered

Perfect for pedalboard integration, LT Pedals can be powered via one 9V PP3 Battery or optional mains adapter. 

Rugged Construction

Featuring a rugged metal construction for durability, LT pedals are perfect addition to any amateur or professional musicians pedalboard. 

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