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Broadway Plectric Style Electric Guitar

Broadway Plectric Style Electric Guitar

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Second Hand (Needs Work)

This guitar was a hobby project for the original owner who built a guitar in the style of the Broadway Plectric from the 1960s. This guitar does require some work to get playing as best it can. Our tech has set this instrument up to the best the guitar can currently be but it could defintely use some tweaking. The body is too thin to house the chosen toggle switch so the pickguard does bulge a little and a lower profile part installed. The tuners were installed upside down on this guitar so tuning direction is inverted however this could certainly be switched and fixed. The fretboard seems to concave a bit but does play. This guitar could definitely use some TLC but is sold as such. The inalys have also been placed on the 10th fret rather than the 9th fret and the 14th rather than the 15th which can be a bit confusing. 

  • 20 Frets
  • 2 Warman Humbuckers
  • Bigsby Style Tremolo
  • Open Gear Tuners
  • Broadway Plectric Style Body


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