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GHS A87 Fast Fret String Lubricant

GHS A87 Fast Fret String Lubricant

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The ORIGINAL String Cleaner

Not a spray! Contains no silicone. Apply to your strings and fingerboard to remove built up dirt and grime. Fast Fret keeps the strings sounding bright and new, extending the healthy lifetime of any strings.

Fast-Fret allows you to play faster, maintains brightness, prolongs the life of your fingerboard wood - and it's effects are long lasting.

  • Premium string and neck lubricant and string cleaner for all stringed instruments
  • Silicone free cleaner is liquid in an applicator, not a spray
  • Use it on strings, fretboard, back of neck
  • Lets fingers slide freely and keeps strings clean
  • Won't damage frets

Industry Standard, Professional

GHS Fast-Fret is the industry standard, and a popular choice for stringed instrument cleaning/ lubricating accessories. Used worldwide for over 40 years.


  • Applicator (with liquid)
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Packaged in handy plastic container
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