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NUX 6ixty5ive Overdrive Pedal

NUX 6ixty5ive Overdrive Pedal

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The Reissue series 6ixty 5ive overdrive puts the sound of the famous 1960s black panel amplifiers right at your feet. Emulating the drive of these classic models gives a range of tones from just over-the-edge all the way to burning tube overdrive whilst retaining the guitar's natural voice and clearly defined edge. The all analog circuit has a Gain control to adjust the amount of drive and the resulting output is balanced by the Level control. A Trim pot on the rear of the pedal further controls the saturation of the gain stage, bringing natural sounding compression and sustain into play. Bass and Treble controls provide tone shaping as you would find on a classic amplifier. Use as an "always on" drive pedal or switch in for a gain boost with a classic edge whenever the mood needs it.

  • Classic 1960's black panel amplifier tones
  • Level and Gain with Trim pot for drive & saturation settings
  • Bass & Treble EQ controls
  • True bypass switching
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