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Studioflex Silent Connect 4.5M Auto Mute Guitar Lead

Studioflex Silent Connect 4.5M Auto Mute Guitar Lead

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Built-in auto mute connector eliminates embarrassing connection noise.

Automatic mute feature built into the connector eliminates any unwanted pops and squeals when plugging in or out of your amplifier. Our design has no switch to engage, and is virtually invisible. Just plug in and play. Whether on stage or in rehearsal, our ultra-quiet construction combines rugged durability with exceptional performance.

Ideal for all levels of musicians on stage, in studio, or house of worship.

  • “Silent” auto mute connector (indicated with red wrap)
  • Dual shielding for low-handling noise
  • Studio-grade construction for increased durability
  • 6.5 mm Dura-Wrap matte black exterior jacket
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